HTML and CSS – Origin

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WEB DESIGN = DESIGN + INTEGRATION (HTML + CSS) What is Design? Is it something you sketch? Is it a bright idea in your mind? There are end less questions and answers about what design is. It is hard to just give one precise answer because design lives in so many areas of our lives.. […]

The Venus of Willendorf

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This tiny female statuette is one of the earliest known human figures. The most famous early image of a woman “Venus of Willendorf,” also known as the Woman of Willendorf, is a 4.5 inches high statuette of a female figure was carved some 25,000 years ago. It was sculpted from yellowish limestone that is not […]

Good Designers Copy, Great Designers Steal

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Good Designers Copy, Great Designers Steal —Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso was the first living artist who was featured in the Louvre. I heard this quote so many times but never knew why did he say this? But one day I was listening Guns N’ Roses‘ Use Your Illusion and while enjoying songs I checked the […]

Inspirational Author: Dan Brown

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What is an Art? When I finished my graduation in multimedia I was still searching the answer of this question. During my graduation I learnt about shapes, colors, textures, animation and so other things but there was something missing. I didn’t have any idea but there was something. I did multiple jobs in fields of […]

HTML5 - A Change

Posted by jposwal on November 27th, 2010 under HTML5, Web Standard, XHTMLTags: , , ,  • 1 Comment

HTML5 is the newest version of HTML. It offers new features to provide not only rich media support but also enhanced support for creating web applications that can interact with the user, his or her local data, and servers more easily and effectively. Before to write about HTML5 I would like to tell you about […]

Brand-new interface for AdSense by Google

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Last November google announced that they were starting to test a new interface with a limited group of publishers. Since then, they’ve been focused on adding new features and incorporating feedback from our testers. On 10 nov 2010 google announce that we’re rolling out the new AdSense interface to all publishers globally, in more than […]

8pen – Writing on small devices, in a fast way

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The 8pen allows for the replacement of the conventional keyboard on all devices capable of detecting gestures, in particular mobile phones with touch screens, modern remote controls or game controllers. Its advantage lies mainly in the fact that it is possible to input text faster than using conventional layouts on small devices, while at the […]

Three New Security Features In Facebook

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Facebook adds three new security features to help make your experience on Facebook more secure. First feature is launching one-time passwords to make it safer to use public computers in places like hotels, cafes or airports. If you have any concerns about security of the computer you’re using while accessing Facebook on public palce becouse […]

Portable Apps for Web professionals

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Portable application is a computer program that you can carry around with you on a portable device and is able to run independently without the need to install files to the system it is run upon. I have a collection of some useful portable applications links and i want to share with my readers . […]

Google Phone Gallery – Find the best Android powered mobiles

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Want to buy a good and best Andriod Mobile, or want to know information about new andriod mobiles coming to market around the word?  Google can helps you. Google introduced a tool called Google Phone gallery, it’s a showcase of Andriod phones you can buy todays. As per Ben Serridge(Product Manager, Android) “Here at Google, […]


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